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Pure Sirocco 550 Micro System

Sirocco 550 Micro System

The Pure Sirocco 550 Micro System features Digital, FM and Internet Radio, CD playback and a dock for your iPod/iPhone, offering you limitless ways to listen to your media in comfort.

The Sirocco 550 has an input for USB flash drives, which will allow you to quickly play your favourite downloaded MP3 songs, as well as featuring Wi-Fi, providing you access to receive thousands of radio stations, listen again programmes, podcasts and PURE Sounds.

It’ll also enable you to stream music stored on your computer or other device on your network.

PURE Clearsound is a digital end-to-end audio solution using high-quality Class D amplifiers and digital audio shaping technology which provides clear dynamic audio, high volume levels and lower power consumption.

Together with custom speakers featuring treated 5.25" mid bass drive units, 37mm tweeters and tuned crossovers, the Sirocco 550 generates 80W RMS of dynamic hi-fi with incredible detail.

The Pure Sirocco 550 Micro System has a fully-featured remote control, touch-sensitive controls, a large graphical OLED display, front and rear aux inputs, a headphone socket and a video out socket for your iPod or iPhone. Store up to 40 digital radio/FM favourites too for quick access

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